Alexander Shulgin presents an event showcasing how Blockchain technology can be used in the future of sport

2020 Feb, 04     Russia

Blockchain is a unique opportunity: there is no single sector of the economy, or even any part of our
lives, where this technology could not positively influence, transform, and change for the better.

The SHULGIN Events have a strict focus on one of the sectors of the economy or a component of our lifestyle. The Events are held in different countries, bringing together expert opinions from the chosen sector.

The upcoming Future of Sports event will address the topic of how blockchain technology can transform the sports industry.  The target audience will focus on CEOs of
this sector, business owners, investors, representatives of financial institutions and media representatives.

Organiser Alexander Shulgin is a repeatedly awarded Siberian composer, author of more than fifty hits who successfully combines creativity with business. He runs GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA, which specializes in investments in the Blockchain, new media, publishing and entertainment industries.

Alexander is one of the world's leading experts in the digital transformation, creative economy, Blockchain technology and MES (Media, Entertainment and Sports) sectors. He is an investor in many leading companies in this industry, such as Bitfury and DotBlockchainMedia.

Alexander was a member of the Expert Council under the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation for IT and digital economy, and was awarded the Order for Professionalism and Business Reputation.”

Speakers from past SHULGIN events include:
Jerry Inserillo - Head of Forbes Travel Guide
Gleb Yoon  - Senior Vice President "Vnesheconombank". Founder of Blockchain Commune
Peter Browne - Vice President of the European Business Angels Association
Emilio Eva - Initiator of the Space Science Center in Guatemala
Sergey Zhukov - Russian political and public figure, test cosmonaut, entrepreneur. President of the Moscow Space Club, leader of the working group Aeronet of the National Technological Initiative, member of the Russian Writers' Union.
Sam Lee  - Founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Limited
Laurent Bruchez  - CEO of Diginex Europe & Adam Barker / Chief Strategy Officer of Diginex
Sam Chi  - legendary producer of Oldboy, President and CEO of Landmark Asia.
Gabriel Delgado - investor, founder of the Haven Capital Foundation and head of the Free Economic Zones in Central and Latin America)

At the events it was considered how the latest Blockchain technology will influence the sector under discussion. What innovations will bring, what improvements will follow.

Speakers 2019
Alexander Shulgin -  Opening Speaker  
Toli Makris - EX Sports-
Joachim Thumfahrt  - Ju Jitsu in Abu Dhabi. Director of the International Federation
Panagiotis Theodoropoulos - President of the Ju Jitsu International Federation
Jimmy Nguyen - Head of Bitcoin Association